About Us

Kendall de la Verne is part of Ching's beads & jewellery Ltd.

Kendall de la Verne offers a unique selection of handmade luxury fashion jewellery that brings together a selection of the most amazing jewellery pieces. Kendall de la Verne is passionate about jewellery and brings together a variety of collections to suit all tastes in an exciting and contemporary style where creativity has no limits.
Our synergy of innovative designs, using the best Swarovski crystals, pearls, gemstones and precious metals combined with superb craftsmanship, produces fascinating pieces of art; small, handmade masterpieces to represent an idea, to mark a special moment.
Kendall de la Verne is able to draw from many years of expertise producing jewellery that celebrates individual beauty embodying a blend of elegance and emotion, passion and joie de vivre. The jewellery incorporates unique, state-of-the-art shapes. Nothing is still; everything comes alive embracing necklaces, joyful pendants and bracelets; all designed for people that seek perfection and dare to differ.
Kendall de la Verne is always on trend where every single piece stems from love for beauty ‘with a thought’ and perfection attaining the highest quality that makes our customers feel comfortable and beautiful.